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Herning updated to version 1.3

25 Nov 2017, 14:54

Danish Airfields X - Herning has been updated to v.1.3. The update is only relevant for P3D users.

New in version 1.3:
Fixed an issue with flickering apron lights in P3D.


If you have installed a previous version of Danish Airfields X - Herning, please follow this procedure to install v.1.3:

1. In P3D, delete "Herning" from the list in Settings > Scenery Library
2. Close P3D
3. Uninstall Danish Airfields X - Herning by using Windows add/remove programs or by choosing the uninstall option from your start menu under Vidan Design
4. Delete the "Herning" folder located in your Vidan Design > Danish Airfields X folder in your main sim directory (if the folder is still present)
5. Install version 1.3
6. Add the scenery to the Scenery Library manually (please see the manual for more information)

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