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Denmark Landclass, photoscenery, vector

04 Nov 2014, 10:36


I am using most all of the Vidan design airfields and truely enjoy them all. I have now been looking for compatbile addons to make the surroundings look even better. Is there any good photoscenery available for Denmark (preferably with autogen) or what is everyone using for landclass, vector, autogen etc? I read somewhere about the Denmark 2.1 map vector scenery, is that any good? Very interested to hear what everyone is using and recommend beyond actual airport scenery.


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Re: Denmark Landclass, photoscenery, vector

05 Nov 2014, 22:16

Hello Mike
I'm probably not the best person to answer, since I almost exclusively run with default FSX and Prepar3d textures and vector scenery. As a developer, I like to keep my FS/P3D installations as "vanilla" as possible, in order to be able to rule out that it is third-party add-on that is causing the problems ...;-) I am not aware of any good danish photo scenery, I believe the only one is DANvfr, but to me it appears to be rather poor quality. I know that many uses the FTX Global product range. A free alternative is Denmark Map X, as you mention yourself, and I believe that this add-on is very popular too. Furthermore there is Denmark Scenery 1.4, this is primarily a scenery that adds airfields and 3D scenery in Denmark. Thanks for your comment regarding my sceneries, I'm glad that you like them.


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