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RDX Jutland - P3Dv4 compatibility?

19 Feb 2018, 18:44

Is there any news about the possibility of RDX Jutland becoming P3Dv4 compatible?

Initially I thought it worked when flying in the south of the region, but approaching Skagen in the north, there are many spurious artifacts that seem to be composed of long lines of buildings.

I don't mind waiting, but would love to know if there are plans for this.

Any news would be lovely. Thanks.
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Re: RDX Jutland - P3Dv4 compatibility?

19 Feb 2018, 20:50

Hi, I am still planning to update the scenery at some point, but I can say when it will be, sorry. I am currently focused on getting my upcoming Aalborg EKYT scenery finished. When Aalborg is released, I will start working on the RDX and Billund updates, the Jutland North update will include v4 compatibility.

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