Aug. 2011: Stanislaw Drzewiecki of the small Polish developer team, "Drzewiecki Design", has made illegal use of Vidan Designs Bornholm Airport X textures and preview screenshots to make his Bornholm Island 2011 scenery.

Here are some exampels. Some of the images has been resized and croppet in order to show the similarities between my textures and the ones used in Stanislaw Drzewieckis scenery. Stanislaw has modified some of my textures, among other things by adding dirt or shadows.

When I discovered this, I contacted Stanislaw and asked him to do two things:

1. Remove my textures from his scenery and make an update available.

2. Remove all advertising material (screenshots and videos) where my textures were visibly.

Unfortunately he did not completely comply with the second part of the agreement, as he still uses promotional material, that clearly shows textures from my Bornholm Airport X scenery.

Here are three exsamples:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

The textures used in my scenery are based on the photos that I personally took at Bornholm Airport.


I also got permission to take photos inside the tower at EKRN. This example shows the textures, that I used for the tower interior at EKRN. On the left, you can clearly see the flash from my camera, both on my own textures and on Stanislaws textures:

This exsample is one of the textures used for the main terminal building:

In this example I myself can be seen taking the picture in the windows reflection - in both sceneries ...!:

Stanislaw also used many of my textures used for various signs. I could prove this by identifying small details:




There is no
doubt, that Stanislaw personally was behind the creation of Bornholm Island 2011. Here is a screendump from his forum:

Updated January 2014.

For the full version (in Danish) of this sad story about piracy, please see this